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We take care of the sweet treat for your special occasion. With an array of flavors and toppings book us for your next event.
Birthdays, Weddings,  Graduations, Corporate Events, and more... 


*Total varies for each package depending on the number of guests and extra utilities.*

Sundae Bar package: includes 6 of our toppings of your choosing. Your choice of 4 ice cream flavors. We can pre-pack each ice cream into our to-go containers. Or we can also gladly provide our staff service, or it can be happily assembled by your guests for the best experience.


Party package: Up to 4 three-gallon tubs of ice cream or less (min of 2). Choice of waffle, sugar, or wafer cones. Staff service can happily be included to attend to your guests. Our party package is a tabletop style catering.


Cookie sandwiches: Our decadent freshly baked cookies paired with your favorite ice cream is just heaven on earth! The limits are endless when it comes to creating your favorite ice cream cookie sandwich. From toppings to cookies to ice cream it really is limitless.  We can help you customize your cookie affair to create the ultimate perfection. Packaged to your event for your guests to have an unforgettable time.

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