Chubby's Ice cream

Our family purchased Chubby’s from the previous owners the Berdinka family back in October 2014. Our parents made us responsible of the shop to teach us to be responsible at a young age.  Not knowing much of the business world, we have surely made mistakes but that is what helped us grow into the people we are today. Since having started our journey back in 2014 we have learned a great deal.


Now as young adults in our early to mid 20’s we are still learning but trying. We are dedicated to keep the impact that the Berdinka family left behind and that is having created an amazing environment for families and friends. Knowing the great deal of impact, the previous family had on the community is something we are focusing on to keep intact. Our goal is to keep Chubbys as it always been and that is a great family-friendly environment in which people can come and gather and have a fun time while enjoying their ice cream!


Our Team: 

Our Chubbys team is a group of passionate, friendly people who not only love ice cream but put in the effort to make you feel welcomed. A place with endless laughs and fun with the desired goal to keep our guests smiling one scoop at a time.

Meet The Team



I love to run and bike. I like working at chubby's because it is always a fun time and has a great environment to work with. The family atmosphere that we see here is truly something special

"My favorite thing to get would be Becca's Graham Slam with a dash of gummy bears." 



I'm a student at Delaware Valley University. I love to ride horses and shop! I chose to work at Chubby's because of the friendly work environment. Having to work with our polite customers is always a pleasure because they like to conversate with us as much as we do. Being a part of the community is really what brings us together

"One of my favorite things about chubby's would be cookie night. It is always a fun time and the best part about it is that it's inexpensive and a great sweet treat. It's always a fun night during cookie night.



I'm a student in the class 2022 at CB West. Cross country and track are my favorite sports to be involved in. Some things I love to do in my free time would be fishing, biking, and playing the guitar.


My favorite part about working at chubby's would be the personal aspect, and creativity that we endure on a day-to-day basis.