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Welcome to  Chubby’s 


“It's been a tradition of my family's to visit Chubby's for YEARS! They have the best ice cream cookie sandwiches. It's such a fun place to go for after a housing settlement, for a celebration, or on a hot summer day. We can't wait for sunny days again!”

-Sarah p


Great job Chubby's! Keep up the amazing work! :)”

- Future G

“My partner was very excited to take my daughter and me to Chubby's today. He's loved them for years because of their delicious ice cream as well as their work within the community. Both of these were affirmed today - the ice cream was tasty, the service was lovely, and their pink2pink sundae benefitting Bucks County locals affected by breast cancer was scrumptious!!!”

-Hannah b


“Friendly, and fast service. The band outside was a nice touch that made us want to stay.”

- Robert E

“Delicious ice cream and milkshakes. This was my first time trying Chubby’s out. Masks were required to go inside, and Plexi barriers are art up all around the counter. I felt like everything was very nice and clean, including the outdoor picnic tables. We will definitely go back!”

-Emily S

“Every time I go there with my family I get the chocolate and it tastes so good! It tastes like the world's best ice cream!!

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